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Why Choose DDAC, LLC

DDAC, LLC is your One-Stop-Shop for Server Administration, Network Administration, IoT Integration, Domain Hosting, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Digital Security Surveillance and other Information Technology needs, from Network Architecture and Telecommunications Design and Deployment to System Efficiency and Enhanced Security.

Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation as a dependable partner and we continue to pursue new ways to further strengthen these partnerships especially in areas concerning response time, minimal downtime – first-time fixes, and competitive pricing.

Our Managed IT services are tailored to your Organization needs to provide Value-Based Digital Transformation to your Organization. 

Cost Savings

Maintaining efficient IT department is a huge investment and a burden for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Value Add

Predicatable monthly maintenance cost tailored to organization needs. Flexibility to modify service coverage as desired.

Labor Transfer

We support you with Highly-skilled professionals who are committed to continuos training to keep up with technologies so you don’t have to.

Peace of Mind

Option for Proactive monitoring of your IT systems to catch any early issues before they become serious problems. 

Services We Provide:


Help Desk

Onsite and Remote Helpdesk Support


Network Security

Firewalled Network Security and Physical Security (Surveilance Cameras)


Network Infrastructure

Desktop, Server, Switches, Router, Firewall, Gateway. IT Closets and Datacenter Management.

Yealink Phones

VoIP Telecommunication

VoIP Telecommunication Systems. IP Phones (Wired and Cordless Handsets), DID and Non-DID Extensions, Customizable Messages with Prompts.


Business Email

Elevate your company brand and trust with Business Email


Wi-Fi Systems

Wi-Fi Systems for BUsinesses, Hotels, Schools, e.t.c. with options for Splash Pages and Authentication layers. Wi-Fi4,  Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Support

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